Sutton Scotney Fire Station

Sutton Scotney Fire Station responds to 200-215 incidents each year and the Fire Engine is crewed by local people.

We urgently need new retained (part-time) Firefighters to help us keep the Fire Engine available.
At present, the Fire Engine is often unavailable for daytime incidents due to insufficient personnel

If you would like to know more about us and could provide flexible cover during the day or night and live up to six minutes away, why not telephone Cyril Sankey on 01962 760217 to find out more.

You should be over 18, male or female and will receive training that will help Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service keep your community and neighbours safe.

Cyril Sankey, Sutton Scotney Fire Station

The Old Fire Station, Sutton Scotney
The Old Fire Station (now rooms at The Coach & Horses).
(Photograph ©Penny Mayes and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence)



Waste Management, Grounds and Street Cleansing Contract
in Partnership with East Hants District Council


A partnership between East Hampshire District Council and Winchester City Council to provide services will net around £2million per year savings to local residents. Please see below for FAQ:



Joint Waste Contract - FAQ:  April 2011



Q:  “When will the new contract start?

A:  The new contract starts on 1 October 2011.


Collection Arrangements

Q:  “Will I notice any changes to my refuse, recycling, garden waste (glass in the case of EHDC only) collection arrangements?”

A:  It may be necessary to change the day on which some households have their collection made but other than that no.  Garden waste will still be collected free in Winchester.  In East Hampshire there will still be a charge.


Q:  When will these changes start?

A:  You will be provided with this information well before any changes take place


Q:   “How will I know what my new collection day is?”

A:  You will be provided with information and a revised calendar well before your new collection day comes into effect or any changes are made. 


Q:  “What About Public Bank and Other Holiday’s”

A:  We will provide you with a detailed calendar of collection days throughout the year (which include Bank Holiday collections) and keep you informed of any changes that might arise  


Missed Bins

Q:  What happens if I forget to put out my bin for collection?

A:  If you let us know promptly on your day of collection then we can arrange for it to be emptied on the same or next working day. 


Bin Changes

Q:  Caller from East Hants resident - I have been told that in Winchester they use green bins for recycling and the black bins for refuse which is different from mine, how will this work?

A:  Our collection operatives will know which colour bin needs to be emptied on which week. If there is any need to change bins then this will be undertaken by the Council so as to as to minimise any inconvenience to house holders. 


Contact Details

Q:  “Who will I contact if there are any problems?”

A:  All house holders will be provided with a dedicated number to call and   contact details in the event of them requiring assistance with the new arrangements.

This number can also be used for street cleaning, litter bin and grass cutting arrangements 

 Our Contract Monitoring Offices will also visit you at home to provide further advice and assistance if necessary. 


Financial Savings

Q:  “I saw that that the new contract will result in saving of about £1m per year to each Council. How will these saving be used?

A:  Both Councils have received significantly less funding from Central Government to run their services in future years. The saving achieved are being used to avoid increase in Council Tax and will also used to help to reduce the impact of on other services associated with the Government funding.


Recycling and Energy Efficiency

  • Recycling bins for glass and clothing can be found at Coach & Horses Car Park.

  • Further help and information Recycling bins - South Wonston Pavallion Car Park Glass, paper, clothing & Textiles Winchester Recycling Centre Bar End, Winchester 01962 868523 Opening hours 8am - 4pm - 1st October - 31st March 8am - 7pm - 1st April - 30th September

  • Energy Efficiency Advice Centre 0800 512012

  • Environment & Greener Living

The following guide has been designed to provide the reader with useful information about the measures we can take to play a part in reducing the emissions that cause climate change.

And Just A:  Thought! Try to put alternative energy generation at the top of your shopping list and install solar panels and wind turbines, there are grants available which will cover a significant proportion of the cost. Oh, and while you're about it, make that new car a dual fuel model - you know it makes sense

Climate change is potentially one of the biggest challenges facing us all today. Most scientists agree that climate change is caused by our everyday activities, we are emitting large amounts of 'greenhouse gases' , which are changing the make up of our atmosphere and trapping the sun's heat. The more greenhouse gas there is in the atmosphere, the hotter the planet becomes. Coal, oil and natural gas are carbon-based fuels which we extract from the Earth's Crust. They are used to create petrol and diesel for our cars and electricity and gas for our homes. When these are burned to make energy they release the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Can we stop Climate Change? Scientists believe that Climate Change will accelerate if we don't do something about it. The best thing we can do is use less energy from fossil fuels, therefore releasing less greenhouse gas. Here are a few simple ways we can help the planet and many of these can save you money too:

  1. Insulation The most cost-effective way to save substantial amounts of energy in buildings, is often insulation. Loft and wall insulation can also make big savings on your annual heating bills. There are grants available for insulation Eg insulation for the over 70's and households with a low income are free.

  2. Hot Water Tank - give it a jacket If your hot water jacket is less than 75mm thick, you can save money by fitting another one around it or replacing it completely. An insulating jacket can cut heat loss by up to 75% from your hot water tank which may save you around £20 a year.

  3. Replace your old boiler - if it is over 15 years old, its probably time to replace it with a high efficiency condensing boiler, which should save around a third on your heating bills.

  4. Look out for the energy saving Recommended Logo when you are replacing or buying new electrical appliances. Replacing an old, energy inefficient fridge-freezer with a new Energy Saving Recommended one could save you up to £45 every year.

  5. Doubleglazing cuts heat loss through windows by 50% and saves money on your heating bill - it could save you £90 each year.

  6. Switch your light bulbs - Energy saving light bulbs use a fifth of the energy of a standard light bulb to produce the same amount of light. For every 60w light bulb you switch, you could save almost £5 each year.

  7. If possible install a wood fired heating system.

  8. When planting new trees and shrubs, consider buying drought-resistant ones, these look good and need less watering. Local garden centres offer water saving gardening tips.

  9. Continue to Reuse, Refuse and Recycle.

Take responsibility for your carbon footprint by becoming a member of Winchester Action on Climate Change. To become a member WinAcc ask you to calculate your carbon footprint and then commit to reducing it over a 12 month period. See for further information.